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af 19.12.1955


The Danish Guild of Wine Journalists

Laugsmagistrene - the Guild-Brothers - is a most extraordinary society, probably the only one of its kind in the whole world. A guild providing the setting for professional and informal gatherings of a circle of members who have two things in common: a journalistic background and interest, knowledge and affection for oenology.

The Guild was established in Copenhagen on December 19th, 1955, with the purpose of »cultivating the guild-brothers' knowledge of the noble grape and of distilled spirits«. And for 50 years it has lived up to its noble objective.

Several hundred arrangements through the years have included tastevins and expert palavers about all the aspects of wine and spirits.

In a way the Guild has developed into a kind of folk high school for wine-loving journalists and writers and has achieved an importance, which can hardly be overrated, by widening their knowledge of wine and spirits and imparting same to their millions of readers.

Wine consumption in Denmark as well as the taste for wine have benefited greatly from the activities of the Guild.

At the 50th anniversary the Guild counts 16 brothers - three of whom form the council - and 23 »brothers honoris causa« who are not journalist but who have been invited to join the Guild because of their outstanding contributions to Danish wine culture.

The members of the Guild have filled their small but life inspiring and important place in the ranks of the journalists and - in a spirit of good fellowship - they have spent many hours which became glimpses of brightness in the daily routine and a beneficial relish, just like a glass of good wine.

Over the years the Guild has had six different aldermen. On the fifteenth anniversary in 2005 Ms. Jacqueline Jensen resigned having served the Guild in this capacity for fourteen years. She is now the deputy alderman, and webmaster of 

The present alderman is Mr. Ole Hoy Hansen


Laugsmagistrene af 19.12.1955
Webmaster: Jacqueline Jensen